25cc 4-Cycle Engine Gas Leaf Blower

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25cc 4-Cycle Engine Gas Leaf Blower

Product Details:

Clean up leaves quickly and easily with this gas leaf blower. Or use this powerful and easy-to-start blower year-around for all-purpose clean-up of dust, debris and dirt on decks, sidewalks, etc. Our blowers, with high-impact impellers automatically mulch debris for recycling.


  • 25cc, 4-cycle
  • SpringAssist starting system starts with a slow & steady pull, dramatically reducing pulling effort
  • Powerful airflow up to 150 mph / 425 cfm
  • Lighter, compact design for power and ease of handling
  • Comfortable over-molded operating handle


Engine/Motor 25cc, 4-cycle
Starting System  SpringAssist
Choke System 1-2-3 choke
Speed Settings Variable
Airflow Velocity 150 mph
Airflow Volume 425 cfm
Included Accessories N/A
Vac Bag Capacity  N/A
Reduction Ratio 10:1
Handle  Molded plastic

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